Bieber Got-ti a Bugatti

Well, okay: Birdman gave Justin Bieber a red Bugatti. I have some thoughts. Yes, this is an incredibly generous gift. It’s a very kind gesture from Birdman to Bieber. I’m not exactly sure what the occasion was, but hey. I’m never mad at an occasion-less gift. You don't need a reason other than "just because" to give someone a present. If you feel compelled to give a gift, gift away.

But of all things, A RED SPORTS CAR? Ennnngghhhh, I don’t know about that one. As you might recall, Bieber is the guy who only recently was arrested for drunk driving, resisting arrest, street racing, et cetera. The dust hasn’t even settled from his driving-related drama, and he’s been handed a brand spankin' new fancy 'n' fast vehicle? Hm. I don't... UGH. Maybe I’m old fashioned, but I’d give Bieber a pair of rollerblades and tell him to be careful. I might even suggest he procure some wrist guards. (Bieber would probably hate being friends with me.)

And maybe I'm still old fashioned, but isn't a red car a cop magnet? As if Biebs needs more trouble. Come on, Birdman!

Or is the red car cop magnet thing an urban legend? It might be an urban legend. Never mind. Sorry, Birdman.

Hey, Bieber? Have fun in your new car. But not too much fun. Only the safe and legal kind of fun. Thanks!

Warm regards,

Old Fashioned Kristie

Image: justinbieber/Instagram