Watch Out Amber, Johnny & Jimmy Are Back On

Johnny Depp is one of those actors who's kind of a beautiful contradiction. He's been known to play characters that are nothing if not over-the-top (we're looking at you Captain Jack Sparrow), but in real life he's always been more demure and shy. So when Depp kisses Jimmy Kimmel, an act that is decidedly not demure nor shy, I start asking some questions. Like, if Depp is handing out kisses like free candy despite his engagement to Amber Heard, then why am I not getting any of that action?

Kimmel starts the interview off by bringing up the 2013 kiss: "The last time you were here, we kissed a few times. I felt like we really hit it off... It really seemed like we had some chemistry and then the next thing I know I hear you're engaged. And I get no call or not even a text." When Depp's response was to begin applying bubblegum flavored chapstick to his lips, we all knew how this was going to end.

It's hilarious that Depp should be caught locking lips with Kimmel before he's ever been caught kissing his actual fiancée Heard. The only time they've ever really displayed any PDA was when he kissed her on the cheek at the red carpet premiere of 3 Days to Kill. In stark contrast, he was the one to move in to plant one on Kimmel — both times. (The last time the two men made out was in July, 2013.) Perhaps it's no surprise then that Kimmel immediately invited himself along on Depp's honeymoon. You can't blame a guy for having high hopes after such a warm response from the notoriously private actor.

Then again, Depp could just be leading Kimmel on. He mentions that, during his childhood, he dug a hole in his backyard that was supposed to lead into his bedroom. "I was working on a closet escape hatch," he said as though this is a perfectly normal thing for a child to spend their time doing. Considering how many years it's been, he's probably finished it by now, just in case he ever needs to jilt Kimmel again.

Watch the full interview below.

Image: NBC