Lady Gaga Has Concert Pics Photoshopped As Part Of Sneaky Exchange With Paparazzi

The mystery has been solved! We now know why Lady Gaga's face always looks like sweat-free in concert pics. Reportedly, Lady Gaga has her concert pictures photoshopped. Or at least this was the case at her recent Roseland Ballroom shows in New York City. It's not a stretch to think that, if this is true, she would suddenly decide to start now and just do this for these shows. How many sweaty Lady Gaga photos are out there that the world will never see?!

The photographer who exclusively covered the Roseland shows, Kevin Mazur, told Page Six, "It’s like with any other artist I work with, and it’s very minimal because we want to get the photos out there right away." He explained that this meant removing sweat from her forehead or editing out stray locks of hair.

In addition to this, apparently at another recent event, it was clear to photographers that Lady Gaga would have final say on all of the photos before they were released. An insider (someone who was standing near the photographers..?) told Page Six that photographers were asked to "Smooth out her jaw line and thin her arm” and “Smooth out and thin her legs." The event's organizer added, "They are all complaining she’s a control freak."

Jason Merritt/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Obviously, there are some missing pieces here — What was this "event?" Who is the anonymous organizer? Who's that "insider?" — but it does seem like it would make sense with Lady Gaga's persona to have the photos edited. She presents herself as a character rather than as a real person, so maybe the character doesn't sweat. Mazur also said of Gaga, "She caters to the paparazzi like no other artist I’ve ever seen. Lady Gaga goes above and beyond putting on new outfits to make sure the paps have something every day."

Lady Gaga wears outfits for the paparazzi that make her seem unreal and in exchange, they remove any frizzy pieces of hair. That sounds about right to me.