Awesome Woman Parodies "Where The Hell Is Matt?" Videos By Dancing Around the World

Beginning in 2005, a man named Matt Harding took to YouTube with his video "Where The Hell Is Matt?" in which he dances a jig in 20 different locations around the world. Harding danced his way through spots as far flung as Beijing and as close as his hometown of Westport, CT. Once his video spread like wildfire on the Internet, Harding recorded more dancing videos to feed the masses. His most recent video, filmed in 2012, features Harding getting down in 78 places around the globe. Talk about commitment!

But, after all these years of travel and jigging, Harding has met his match. In the video "Where In the World Is Debbe?" a fellow travel enthusiast parodies Harding's famous videos with her own moves. To the musical stylings of Lady Gaga's "Just Dance," senior citizen Debbe does her own signature happy dance in places like Krakow, Budapest, and on the Falkland Islands (with penguins!).

For the entirety of the 4:08 video, Debbe shows off her moves and awesome taste in travel destinations. If her video isn't enough inspiration to book a flight to Venice just to drop it low next to a gondolier, then I don't what will get you there.

debbep on YouTube
Matt Harding on YouTube

Image: debbep