Christina Hendricks Dazzles Like Edward Cullen

There's a scene in Twilight in which our darling heroine Bella Swan informs her forever love Edward Cullen that he has a dazzling effect on her. Like, intensely dazzling, to the point where he breathes on her once and she faints. Apparently, it wasn't just some sort of vampire superpower or proof that Bella needs more iron in her diet. In fact, it's not even a fiction-only talent. On Conan, Mad Men actress remembered an incident during which someone crashed their bike because they were staring at Christina Hendricks . Hendricks had been wearing a "wispy, white summer dress" on her way to a pub when a guy rode by on his bike, hit the curb and flew to the ground.

"I think your whole life is you walking down the street and people driving by and CRASH," said Conan when Hendricks tried to deny that there had been any other such incidents. Of course, if Hendricks was a sparkling vampire of the Cullen clan, then she wouldn't exactly tell us, now would she? There's plenty of evidence to support the fact that she could be beguiling us all with her immortal beauty and causing a bike accident is only one of them. Actually, the bike accident might not even count at all. It's not like it's her fault some guy couldn't keep his eyes on the road.

Whether she's dressed in the '60s-appropriate style of her Mad Men character Joan Harris or attending a red carpet event in the modern day, Hendricks always looks put together and never out of place. Being on a period drama doesn't prove that Christina Hendricks is an immortal vampire, but it does prove that she's capable of aging gracefully if she ages at all.

That combined with the fact that she admits she plans on lightening her hair to blond when filming for Mad Men wraps — almost as if she has to distract us from the fact that she still looks just as gorgeous as she did when the show first started — is giving a lot of credence to the vampire theory. If Christina Hendricks does have more in common with Edward Cullen than just the ability to dazzle people, then the whole world is in trouble is in a lot of trouble. Especially since she doesn't seem to realize the affect she has on everyone.

Watch the interview below.