J. Law Gets a Glorious 'Mad Men' Makeover

Just in time for the Season 7 premiere of Mad Men this Sunday, the Internet's most delightful avatar-generator/time waster "Mad Men Yourself" is back and better than ever. And by better we mean this time they've included some hilarious new accessories (Betty's shotgun!) and groovy new, late 1960's inspired garbs.

If you've been on Facebook over the past 24 hours then you've probably noticed your pals have Pete Campbell-ed and Joan Holloway-ed themselves thanks to the AMC application, and if you found yourself with a few spare moments, you probably did as well. (If you haven't yet, what are you waiting for?!)

Of course, the real beauty of "Mad Men Yourself" is that you can Mad Men -ify, well, anyone! Always wondered what it would be like if President Barack Obama played a client that was trying to be wooed by Sterling Cooper Draper Pryce or if Lindsay Lohan played one of Don Draper's conquests? Wonder no more! With a few inspired clicks, you'll know within a matter of mere moments.

We took it upon ourselves to give the Mad Men touch to some stars we'd love to see on the Emmy-winning series (J. Law, please do it!) and others who wouldn't wind up on the show in their wildest dreams (sorry but not sorry, Juan Pablo). Check out the results here:

Jennifer Lawrence

Come on, of course the Mad Men version of J. Law would have a donut. Whatever you do, Jennifer, don't go up or down those steps. Pete knows what we're talking about.

Benedict Cumberbatch

No Tardis accessories in the Mad Men app? Not great, Bob!

Miley Cyrus

Hmm, turns out in the Mad Men universe Miley Cyrus looks like Mia Farrow in Rosemary's Baby.

Juan Pablo Galavis

Cheesy clothes, an outdated outlook on human rights, and a rose in hand for a lady? Maybe Juan Pablo would do alright in this world after all.

Kerry Washington

If anyone could look outstanding in super chic 1960's maternity clothes (or any clothes for that matter), it would be the flawless Kerry Washington. Plus, she would never take any guff from anyone in that office.

Bryan Cranston

Dream AMC crossover alert! Hey, Don Draper isn't the only one in the empire business.

What are you waiting for? Go ahead and Mad Men yo'self.

Images: amc.com