Rotten Tomatoes Reviews Every 'Game of Thrones' Episode Because They're Smart Like That

This is pretty cool: Rotten Tomatoes now has reviews for all of the  Game of Thrones episodes, which is something that the movie-review aggregator (and decider of the fate of my weekends at the cinema) has never done before with a television series. You know how "all men must die?" All episodes must get reviewed!

So what prompted Rotten Tomatoes to do this never-before aggregation for Game of Thrones over any other series? Editor-in-chief Matt Atchity said the following in a statement:

It's true. Even though I watched the first episode of Season 4 with great vigor and enthusiasm and loved it so much that I went to eat a chicken in the spirit of The Hound's great poultry conquest, I was still interested to see what reviewers had to say. In fact, I'm always interested in what reviewers have to say about something I enjoy or revile. Season 4 already has a 97 percent rating from reviewers, and a 96 percent score from its audience. That extra 1 percent from the reviewers is likely because those folks have seen more episodes than us commonfolk have — which makes me think that we're in for something pretty special as the season moves forward.

This is certainly a show with an actively involved audience — from the LARP-worthy costumes to the untrustworthy characters with their quotable dialogue (but seriously, "what the fuck's a Lommy?"), and the riveting plot lines, it was definitely a smart move on Rotten Tomatoes' part to take this on with GoT.

Image: HBO