'Princesses: Long Island' Season 2 Won't Happen & Neither Will 'Eat Drink Love': Not Cool, Bravo!

Stick a 40 in a Drink Hanky and pour that beer out on the cement. Why? Because Bravo didn’t renew Eat, Drink, Love or Princesses: Long Island. This news has me reeling. Okay, let me back up. Let address the happy news first: according to The Hollywood Reporter, Bravo has announced its upcoming renewals, spinoffs, and new programs. And there are a lot. A few exciting highlights: Vanderpump Rules will get a third season (YAAAAAAS), and Shahs of Sunset will return for a fourth (YAAAAAAS).

But as outstanding as the Vanderpump Rules and Shahs of Sunset news is, I have to put my joy on ice. Because, like I said, Eat, Drink, Love and Princesses: Long Island are not on that list. (NOOOOOOOOO.) The former’s omission is a bummer, but sadly, it isn’t a shocker. EDL’s audience was small. Simon van Kempen of BravoRatings.com (and Real Housewives of New York City fame) predicted it wouldn’t get picked up. And he predicted correctly. Sigh. I really, really wanted Bravo to overlook the abysmal ratings. It had food, drama, good hair, a love triangle involving Top Chef alumnus Chris Crary, and cocktology. WHAT MORE COULD YOU ASK FOR? I hoped Bravo could sense how much the show meant to me. Unfortunately, my EDL vibes were not enough. EDL would not see another season.

As for Princesses: Long Island, I was confident it’d come back. Sure, there were rumblings that it'd get the ax, but I kept my chin up. I kept on believing. The show was just. So. Good. I could talk about the disastrous vineyard trip for hours. Same goes for the ep 1 pool party. Each Princess was wonderful in her own way, as were their parents. And it’d be an egregious error to not bring up Jeff and Amanda. Jeff and Amanda were the breakout power couple.

Their love is a blooming flower. And I was looking forward to watching that flower bloom even more.

But my dream is dashed. And I am distraught.

I am lost.

I need a hanky to wipe my tears. But not just any hanky...

How will I honor the fallen shows? I will keep a Drink Hanky in my pocket always. Whenever I feel pangs of sadness about PLI and EDL, I will hold the Drink Hanky in my palm and ask Andy Cohen to give me strength.

Thanks for the memories, Princesses: Long Island and Eat, Drink, Love. I will never forget you.

Images: Bravo; realitytvgifs/tumblr (3)