Miley Cancels & Fans Don't Take It Well

by Lia Beck

On Monday night Smilers in Charlotte, N.C. experienced their version of the apocalypse when Miley Cyrus cancelled her concert only 30 minutes before it was set to begin. Cyrus reportedly canceled because of an illness. A statement from Live Nation explained, "Cyrus has been diagnosed with the flu and doctors have ordered her to rest." The Charlotte show will not be rescheduled — Cyrus has to keep on moving to her next stops, I suppose — but fans will be able to receive refunds. Cyrus' Tuesday night concert in Raleigh, is expected to go on as scheduled.

Unfortunately for Cyrus' Charlotte fans, a refund is not good enough. This is not a money issue, this is a "WE NEED TO SEE MILEY RIGHT NOW OR ELSE" issue. Cyrus' fans were already at the venue when the news was announced, so some of them spoke to the media about how they felt while others, unsurprisingly, took to Twitter to express themselves.

There were the fans who were annoyed they got all dolled up:

They bought crop tops!

They got their nails did!

One 16-year-old fan told North Carolina's News & Observer, "On the signs, it said ‘refunds available,’ but where’s the refund for my outfit that I bought, or for my nails or the gas or hotel?"

This girl is seriously Jenelle Evans come to life.

Then there were the fans who were pissed they drove so far.

Another fan told the News & Observer, "I showed up, spent all my money on gas, got there and found out the show was canceled. I’m very angry right now.”

Some fans wanted her to perform anyway.

Hey, it worked for Gaga.

Some fans thought she cancelled because of her dog.

"That's weird."

Some thought she cancelled because she's pregnant.

And many fans were just worried that she would cancel even more shows.

But one fan had the best reaction of all.

A 28-year-old fan who got free tickets to the show told the News & Observer, "It’s just a bunch of angry 15-year-olds in short-shorts. Now we get to go drink, because we’re the only ones old enough to do that. So that’s the new plan."