Adam Pally Says 'Mindy Project's Mindy & Danny Aren't the Only Lovebirds This Season

When the opportunity to hang out on the set of Night Owls, Adam Pally and Rosa Salazar's new film, came about, we jumped at the chance. After watching a bit of filming (this movie's going to be great — we can't wait to share more about it with you — and remember you heard it here first!) we snagged some of the duo's time and managed to scrounge up a few details from Pally himself on what's in store for Peter Prentice on The Mindy Project . As it turns out? Doctors Lahiri and Castellano aren't the only ones lucky in love in the remainder of this season.

Now, we already got hip to the fact that our other favorite will-they-won't-they coupling on the series — Morgan and Tamra — are going to turn up the heat in this home stretch of episodes. But, as Pally revealed, Dr. Prentice might also get a little lovin' of his own. "My character gets a girlfriend," Pally revealed. A welcome relief for fans of Pally's frattastic Dartmouth doctor.

But who could this girlfriend be? Though Pally was mum on that front — we must leave some things to be revealed on television, after all — we can confirm it is not some sort of second chance scenario with the woman who rendered his heart useless prior to the hiatus. "It's not Maria Menounos; that didn't end well." (Damn you, Menounos!)

Luckily the chaotic bumbling through love that Prentice has exhibited so far this season is set to push his character into a more mature direction. "He gets a little more responsibility in his private life," Pally explained. And, echoing a sentiment that's no doubt universal to anyone who's ever been around these frattybro types, "It's always weird to see a frat boy have to grow up, and I think that's what [Kaling] wanted to see."

Suffice to say, Kaling isn't the only one fascinated with the delightfully strange maturation exercises of America's bros, especially when it comes to love. And though we've been told new guest star Jenna Dewan-Tatum is set to be a wedge between Mindy and Danny, we're sort of hoping the twist is that she ends up with Peter.

Or the series could always hire Pally's Night Owls costar, because his chemistry with Salazar is just fantastic.

Image: FOX