On 'Real Housewives of New york,' Aviva Faces Her Fears

To me, the most poignant part of Tuesday's Real Housewives of New York episode wasn't the out-and-out drunken brawl at Countess LuAnn's Hamptons barbecue. (Although, let's be honest, that was cray.) It was when the always-controversial Aviva experienced a real, true, human moment. Aviva has never been one to shy away from the accident that shaped her life. For two seasons, we've heard Aviva talk about her amputation and the terrifying thing that led to it, but, this week, we actually had the chance to go where even Aviva hasn't been since the fateful day she lost her leg. And boy, was the scene intense.

When Aviva sat down with her childhood friend and owner of the farm, Becky, you could feel that there was tension thickening the air. It was so clear to me that Aviva wasn't harboring any ill will — after all, they were only young children when the accident occurred — but it was clear that Becky's heart was still heavy from a sense of (unwarranted) guilt. I can't say I blame her, though, witnessing and being a part of such a gruesome scene as a kid just does something to a person. In the world's most drastic and unexpected 180 (did I fall down the rabbit hole or something?!), Aviva exuded grace and poise. She showed nothing but compassion and understanding towards her old friend, and offered her a real sense of closure. It was so interesting to see the good person Aviva can be, despite all of the animosity and petty fighting that has been going on as of late.

Also, how freakin' brave was she?! To get on the very equipment that maimed her and to rehash each step of the incident took some superhuman kind of courage. Though, admittedly, I wasn't as brave as Aviva — I held my breath the entire time she stood on that metal belt. It was totally gratifying to watch her come to grips with the place and machine that irreparably altered her life, as well as reconcile stagnant feelings with the girl who had went through the ordeal with her. Aviva really ended the episode on a high note which was most definitely a welcomed change of pace from all that damn book drama. Keep the positive vibes flowing, girl.