'Parenthood's Monica Potter Talks Emmy Snub

When the Emmy nominations were announced yesterday, it seemed like everyone had an opinion on which deserving actor was snubbed from the list. Some people voiced their support for Tatiana Maslany of Orphan Black , while others criticized the lack of acknowledgment for Keri Russell of The Americans, but almost everyone agreed that the Emmys did very, very wrong by deigning to recognize Parenthood's Monica Potter.

The actress, whose character spent spent season four of the show battling cancer, had already been honored with a Critics' Choice Award and been nominated by the Television Critics Association this year for her incredible performance on the show, and it seemed all but definite that an Emmy nod would be next. Unfortunately, she was snubbed, and today, she took to Twitter to express her thoughts:

Classy and well-said. Co-star Dax Shepard responded in a slightly more passionate way:

With this snub, it's looking more and more likely that Parenthood will pull a Friday Night Lights and stay ignored by the Emmys until its final season.