Prince George's Royal Playdate Proves He's Exactly Like 'Rugrats' Tommy Pickles — VIDEO

Now that he has arrived in New Zealand, Prince George the Unimpressed has kicked off his royal tour. He had a playdate with the local children for the Royal New Zealand Plunket Society, crawling around the Blandor Room of Government House with ten other infants. It looked like a scene straight out of the '90s cartoon Rugrats, except that Prince George probably wasn't hiding a toy screwdriver in his diaper and Kate Middleton, Prince William, and all of the other parents didn't let any of the babies out of their sight. Though, comments from onlookers seemed to indicate that Prince George might be a royal spiritual successor to Tommy Pickles, anyway.

"He's bubbly, a little bit feisty too but a very friendly baby," said Grant Collinge, one of the parents whose family was in attendance. If that simple statement doesn't describe the fearless leader of the Rugrats then I don't know what does. Prince George basically took control of the playdate and had no qualms approaching the other children or reaching for the toys he wanted. Although he's only 8 -months-old, four months younger than Tommy Pickles was during the series, he seems to have gotten his shyness out of the way much earlier.

Then again, being in the line of succession for the throne of the Commonwealth and its territories and dependents does mean you eventually have to develop a certain social awareness and determination. At 8 months, Prince George is already on his way there.

His parents kept too tight a hold on him for him to start making any rallying speeches to the other babies, but once he learns how to walk it's all over. Watch a clip from the playdate below.