Peaches Geldof's Autopsy is Inconclusive But There Are More Tests to Come

Now, her unexpected and shocking death is even more mysterious. On Wednesday, April 8, police stated that Peaches Geldof's autopsy was inconclusive. They are now treating her death as non-suspicious, but unexplained.

Geldolf, who passed away on Monday, did have a drug-addled past, but those days had been behind her since 2009. Because the autopsy has been cited as inconclusive, the Kent police are now also looking to hold an inquest, which is a common practice in Britain and is performed in order to uncover the facts of unexplained, violent, or sudden deaths. Authorities will use toxicology tests to determine the cause of death, and results of the test could take several weeks to come in.

Geldof, who was only 25 at the time of her death, was married to Tom Cohen and a mother to Astala Dylan Willow and Phaedra Bloom Forever. She was an, actress, model, and a fashion writer. Sadly, her death follows that of her mother, Paula Yates, who also died an untimely death in 2000 of an accidental heroin overdose when Peaches was just 11.

It is extremely sad that the Geldofs must now cope with another loss, particularly with no conclusive reason as to why the beautiful young woman passed away so young. May she rest in peace.