Adam Brody Is Coming Back To Television! Well, Sort Of

O.C. fans, rejoice! Adam Brody is coming back in his first regular series since his days as Seth Cohen. Stop everything you're doing, and prepare ye for the husband of Leighton Meester (sorry, ladies — although you must admit, that would have been the ultimate power couple in the heyday of Gossip Girl and The O.C.) as he returns once and for all to... not exactly your television set.

Nope, it's way more intimate than that. You can watch this on your LAP. I'm talkin' 'bout your computer (or on your television, if you've got those hookups). Brody is returning to "programming" — I suppose that's the correct word for it — in Amazon's new pilot dramedy, The Cosmopolitans, which chronicles some young Americans in Paris as they search for companionship, friendship, and love. His co-stars include Chloe Sevigny, Carrie MacLemore, and Dree Hemingway.

Amazon, who just announced the project, has long been on the path of joining Netflix and Hulu as a source for steaming television, and now is heading further down Netflix's path of original series. Surely this series, with a leading man that folks have been dying to see on the small (and now, even smaller) screen, should help them continue to be a power player in this field.

The pilot, which began shooting in Paris this week (here's a hearty shout out to those in Paris who can see this happening!) will be written and directed by Whit Stilman. No word on when the show will be available on Amazon yet, but you'll likely be hearing more about this one. I mean, it's Seth Cohen.