Amy Poehler & Brother Greg Poehler Have a New NBC Comedy We Can't Wait To See

We've all fallen head over heels for Amy Poehler over the past decade, from Saturday Night Live to Parks and Recreation to the Golden Globes, but another Poehler's been at the sidelines waiting for his time to shine. That'd be Greg Poehler, whose sitcom  Welcome To Sweden has now officially been picked up.

Like his sister, Poehler seems to be of the overachieving comedy sort: He created, executive produced, wrote, and starred in the Swedish version of Welcome To Sweden, and will continue to do so with the American version, which is scheduled to come to NBC this July. The other Poehler will also be executive producing, certainly making them one of the coolest sibling pairs in the biz.

As for the show itself — as we previously reported:

Despite the specific locale, it sounds like a pretty universal concept: Who hasn't felt out of place when experiencing somewhere new?

As for how the show came to be, Poehler (the male one) told Hitfix about the first steps in getting it up and running:

The world can always use more Poehlers. Can't wait for July.