6 Times Kim Kardashian Revealed Her Rare but Hilarious Sense of Humor

Have we been ignoring the fact that Kim Kardashian's actually funny all of this time? Remember that freak-moment in Dec. 2013 when Kardashian tweeted a funny response to people who accused her of waxing North's eyebrows? And we all laughed because her humility was refreshing. Well, in an Apr. 8 blog post, Kardashian made TWO great jokes regarding a Google Images photo she posted on Instagram and her hotel in Thailand giving quotes that she had six-hour, daily spa treatments during her stay.

Aside from defending her Instagram post, Kardashian posed the perfect alibi to prove that she wasn't, in fact, sitting through those extensive spa treatments. The reality queen wrote:

"I was busy taking selfies all day," might be the best alibi we've heard since Brooke Windham admitted to getting liposuction during the day of her husband's murder in Legally Blonde. It's also the most-Kim-Kardashian of all defenses the future Mrs. West could've given — and it's amazing.

Sure, Kardashian may not be actually writing her blog posts and tweets — but we can't imagine that the person responsible for them is poking fun at the star without her approval. So clearly, we've been so blinded by the circus that is Kim's life, that gigantic engagement ring, and Keeping Up With The Kardashians that we didn't even realize that she's got a pretty great sense of humor. Maybe that's why Kanye finally decided to put a ring on it? Either way, this isn't the first — or even the second — time Kardashian's been funny, here are some of her best one-liners.

1) About That Google Images Photo

I mean, really — LOL, guys!

2) Those Eyebrow Tweets

Seriously, people. YOU ARE SICK!!

3) On Her Famous Behind

So get over it.

But if you need proof that it's real, you can grab it.

4) About That Photoshoot With The Biebs

Christopher Polk/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Seriously — that's just ridiculous.

5) Why She Doesn't Drink

This is kind of back-handed but as Kim would say, "LOL!"

6) At Family Dinner

Witty and sassy — good for you, girl.

Images: fuckyeahdash/Tumblr, Giphy