New 'Orphan Black' Season 2 Character Posters Paint An Interesting Picture

Orphan Black is making its return to television soon, and the BBC America thriller does not seem like it's pulling any punches when it comes to setting up a compelling ride for what's coming. We've already been treated to multiple promo runs establishing just that, of course, but now there are these Orphan Black Season 2 character posters — and not only are they beautiful, they also show us some of the core dynamics of the season.

It's interesting here that Art is missing, along with any hint at the presence of the police force that played such a big role in discovering the mysteries last season. That's not to say they won't be around — Art's just now starting to figure out how weird everything he's found himself caught up in is, and you can probably bet that'll play at least a tangential part in the season.

But what's more intriguing here is who's paired up with whom. There's Cosima with Delphine, above, both in lab coats and intertwining their fingers, though standing very far apart. Then there's Sarah and her new/old sumthin'-sumthin' Cal (Michiel Huisman), displaying their obvious chemistry and the possibility of intrigues/twists.

Then there's some more intrigue, alongside the show's comic surplus: Alison, Felix, and (less comedic) Donny all paired together, with Felix likely gravitating towards Alison after Sarah leaves town. And then there's Rachel, Leakie, and... Paul? Who even knows what's up with Paul anymore, but given this it seems likely he'll be left to deal with the demands of the neolutionists as the Clone Club does their thing.

You can see the posters below, and look forward to Orphan Black come April 19.

Images: BBC America