'Draft Day’s Jennifer Garner Makes Her Kids Wear PJs With Ben Affleck’s Face… Creepy

Jennifer Garner appeared on Good Morning America on Wednesday to promote her new film Draft Day which premieres April 11, and while learning about her new found passion for capology (look it up, newbs) was sort of interesting, another part of the interview was much more striking. Jennifer Garner's children wear Ben Affleck pajamas and, no, that isn't supposed to say Ben Affleck's pajamas. Garner literally makes pajamas with Affleck's face on them, so that her kids, Samuel, Seraphina, and Violet, have a piece of their father with them when he's away working.

On GMA, Garner was asked a viewer question about her "must haves" for family time considering both she and Affleck are actors. Garner replied,

You can’t go for too long without being together as a unit... Facetime is a must time for us. Lunch notes. I make pajamas for the kids with Ben’s face on it that they sleep in.. And I put his voice in things. Like, there’s a teddy bear that you can get and you can put your voice in the paw.

I know Garner's an advocate of the No Kids Policy, but we need to see these pajamas. The kids don't have to be wearing them, she just needs to take photos of the pajamas themselves. There are so many questions a simple picture would answer. Did she use iron-on sheets? If so, what picture did she choose? Is it a weird feeling to take a hot iron to one's husband's face? If she didn't use iron-on sheets, what the hell else could she have done then? Cross-stitch his face onto a nightgown? We need answers!

No matter what she's doing, Garner is putting in some work herself making these, so I'm sure she'll be relived when Affleck starts shooting Batman . The kids will learn to recognize their father as the superhero and will be happy with some ready-made pajamas from Target.