'The Walking Dead' Trailer and Premiere Date Revealed: What Will Become of Our Survivors?

Halloween season is about to get that much spookier. During Friday's The Walking Dead Comic-Con panel in San Diego, AMC announced the hit series will return for Season 4 on Oct. 13.

Like the previous two seasons of The Walking Dead, Season 4 will be split in two. Which means, according to The Walking Dead comic's creator, Robert Kirkman, twice as much zombie insanity. "Things are going to be way crazier, it's an escalation," he told the crowd. Added new Walking Dead showrunner Scott M. Gimple, "It's been crazy. We did the first episode, I wrote it and it blew my mind."

So where does that leave our cast of (so far) survivors? According to Gimple, our crew might be comfortable at first, but things will soon get "dangerous." And Rick, played by Andrew Lincoln, will be grappling with the after-effects of Season 3, which saw (SPOILER ALERT!) wife Lori (Sarah Wayne Callies) become a casualty. "The relationship with Carl is integral to the beginning of the season from Rick. (Carl) turning into a sociopath at the end of the season woke him up to his parenting duties. You find Rick in a completely different place this season."

Gleam more from the fourth season with the trailer below:

Following The Walking Dead's October premiere, the second half of the season will bow in February. Because zombies love hearts.

Image: AMC