Demi Lovato Fans Are Kind of Scary

by Mallory Schlossberg

Hey, folks on Twitter: Be careful what you say on the Internet. Police called Kathy Griffin when Demi Lovato's fans tweeted death threats at her. The Lovatics behaved in such a fashion, that things got legitimately out of control. Griffin may have used the typo-filled threats as fodder for her comedy material, but it doesn't change the gravity of the situation, and it should serve as a fair warning to those who even consider sending death threat tweets to celebrities — or anyone. This is serious stuff over here.

Griffin spoke to Howard Stern about the threatening incident that transpired. To recap the events: she cited Demi as the "biggest celebrity douche" (well, she said "Debbie," but she says that the misspellings were because she was using Siri on her phone at that time) in a Twitter Q&A, and then the Lovatics went obscenely haywire over it. They began tweeting death threats at her, and Griffin, not one to take you should "commit sue of side" (yup, spelled like that) for an answer, retweeted the threats. Lovato, who usually touts Positivity With A Capital P as her takeaway message, told her lunatic Lovatic friends to chill the eff out because death threats aren't nice (duh).

At that point, Griffin said, things had gotten too out of hand. Despite her comedic countenance on the Internet at the time, she said:

[The police] actually contacted me [...] because at that point it goes beyond just Twitter hate. It's actual, like, legit ... I have no problem with Demi Lovato — or Debbie, as I like to call her, as Siri calls her — but it doesn't mean she's out of the act if she does something crazy or wacky [...] There's no death threats coming from me ever," she added. "So, whatever I say about a celebrity, "douchey" is about as bad as it gets.

Not to mention, Griffin's humor has always included riffing on celebrities, but it has never been in a threatening manner. She's a grown woman — albeit a brash risk taker in the comedy world — but a grown woman, nonetheless, who understands that what you say, if threatening, will never be taken lightly.

The takeaway, folks? It's serious if you mess around with threatening messages on Twitter. Seriously, do we need to have a cyber bullying lesson? I didn't think so.