Chris Colfer Lands in Another Ohio-Based Show

Oh that Chris Colfer, multi-hyphenate and doer of many things on stage, screen, and print. For a man with such varied tastes and ambitions, it's interesting that he seems to only like to do shows that are based (at least initially!) in Ohio. The Glee star has been tapped, that is, Chris Colfer will appear in TV Land's Hot in Cleveland , it was revealed today.

Would that it were only those two shows we wouldn't have much of an argument. But as it just so happens, Colfer's only other TV appearance was in 2011 on — wait for it! — Seth MacFarlane's The Cleveland Show . And since Glee began (and spent the majority of its time) in Lima, Ohio, we think it's safe to say that the rule of three applies here. Chris Colfer, you have made your acting choices a trend, my friend! Why are you so obsessed with Ohio?

As for his role in Cleveland (the Hot one), the young actor is set to play a wee lad named Tony. And though we're unsure the reasons as to why he's showing up, chances are it's safe to say it has something to do with his mother on the show, fading actress Victoria Chase (played by Wendie Malick). Not that we're judging or anything, but it might be worth Colfer's wild to branch out beyond the Buckeye state. This isn't even an election year!