Margaery Has Some Big Plans for Westeros

Game of Thrones has one seriously ambitious young woman on its hands. When Margarey Tyrell is asked if wants to be a queen, she responds simply: "No. I want to be the queen." She's betrothed to her second king, after her first was murdered by a shadow monster sent by another contender for the crown. (You kind of had to be there.) She's played by the increasingly ubiquitous Natalie Dormer (The Tudors, Elementary, the upcoming The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 1) and has become a fan favorite in her cool and collected quest for power. So what will Margaery Tyrell be up to in Season 4? (Caution: mild spoilers from the books, and potentially the series, to follow. Obviously.)

In last week's premiere, Margaery was busy preparing for her upcoming nuptials to King Joffrey with her grandmother, Olenna Tyrell (also known as the Queen of Thorns). Thanks to an inside scoop gleaned from Joffrey's former fiancée Sansa, the Tyrells know that the King is a sadistic monster. Naturally, this hasn't deterred them from their plan to climb the social ladder as high as possible and essentially co-rule the kingdom with their biggest rivals, the Lannisters.

If Game of Thrones fans learned one thing from Season 3, it's that weddings are a very dangerous business in Westeros. So the chances of the royal wedding going smoothly in this weekend's episode (titled "The Lion and the Rose" in reference to the sigils of Houses Lannister and Tyrell, respectively) are pretty slim. The Tyrells have been meticulously plotting for years — how will they react if things don't go according to plan?

It's a question that will drive Margaery's actions through the rest of the season. Tensions between the Lannisters and Tyrells were already high, both being wealthy, ambitious families with a lust for power. This tension has been most palpable between Margaery and Joffrey's mother, Queen Cersei. Expect these tensions to boil over in the aftermath of the disastrous wedding.

Cersei, for all her faults (yes, including that pesky incest problem), has always been a protective mother. She will do whatever it takes to keep her children safe, and she dispatches anyone she perceives to be a threat to them. Margaery will have to match wits with the most powerful woman in the kingdom if she hopes to replace the most powerful woman in the kingdom.

Who will come out on top? The Lion or the Rose? I'm sure every viewer would love to see the Lannisters get their comeuppance, but are the conniving Tyrells any better? How far will Margaery be willing to go to ensure her victory over Cersei? Will she be a match for the vicious Queen Regent? Tune in to HBO this Sunday at 9 PM for the next chapter in their bitter rivalry.

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