Is this 'Real World' Romance Still On?

What's up with these two? MTV's reality competition The Challenge: Free Agents premieres tonight and obviously Johnny Bananas and Camila are back after winning The Challenge: Battle of the Exes. But are they back together? Not even close. Johnny's currently dating U.S. snowboarder Hannah Teter, who also happens to be an Olympic gold-medalist. Which makes perfect sense, considering he's a Challenge legend and four-time champion. But will that Johnny-Camila relationship rumor mill that's followed them since they met on Cutthroat cause trouble in paradise?

So who is Hannah Teter — other than Johnny's "golden shredder" and the attractive blonde that's been popping up in his Instagram photos for the past nine months? The 27 year-old Vermont native won her first gold medal at the 2006 Olympics on her half-pipe debut. Following her big win, Teter started her own company, Hannah's Gold maple syrup, which benefits an impoverished village in Kenya. So she's a champion and a humanitarian. Plus, four years later, Teter picked up a silver medal. She's also competed and placed in the X Games and the Burton U.S. Open. She most recently competed in the 2014 Olympics in Sochi, where she ultimately got bumped off the podium by Kaitlyn Farrington. So at least we know what she and Johnny have in common.

The reality star's Instagram is full of photos of the pair scuba diving, surfing, jet-skiing, and snowboarding all over the damn place. Like this one:

So does he return to Free Agents and reunion with Camila mean there's trouble in paradise ahead? The two have history, after all. When they met on Cutthroat, the Real World: Key West and Challenge veteran had a girlfriend waiting for him at home so Camila didn't get past the friend-zone. But when they returned for Battle of the Exes in 2012, Johnny made it explicitly clear that he was free to see where their relationship could go. Which lead to their questionable hook-up that left fans wondering if he'd done it just to win. There was mud-slinging and they left off on bad terms, but competitions literally make people do crazy things.

Images: MTV, JohnnyBananas/Instagram