Demi Lovato is Your Hew Hair Crush

by Erin Mayer

If you're not obsessed with Demi Lovato, you're doing it wrong. Not only is she just the cutest, she's also a seriously strong woman and one of the few celebrities to get the body image conversation right almost all the time. And now she is about to become your latest hair crush, because her new look is awesome.

After months of shocking pink, the star posted a photo to her Instagram and Twitter accounts Thursday morning revealing that she's gone back to a natural shade of chocolate brown. She kept the shaved-out sides, though, so her hair still has a whole lot of edge. While the pink was fun, there's something to be said about this understated look, which is gorgeous and still quite striking.

Lovato, whose insane fans recently took to the Internet to express their hatred of Kathy Griffin, also proved she has a great sense of humor by parodying the lyrics to "Give Your Heart a Break" in the Tweet revealing her new hair —"Gonna give my hair a breeaaakkk, give my hair a break, gonna give my hair a break, my hair a break... Oh yeah, yeah.." A break from the harsh chemicals of pink dye! Get it?

All-natural works well for Demi, who would be stunning if she shaved off all her hair and walked around in a burlap sack. But we're glad she didn't go that route, because check out how pretty she is with hair and real clothes on!

Is there anything more pleasant than that face? Makes you want to run out and buy the perfect shade of hot pink lipstick to go with your half-shaved chocolate brown hairdo, now doesn't it?

Image: ddlovato/Twitter