'Game of Thrones' Khaleesi Is a Popular Baby Name Because Parents Freakin' Love Dragons

Apparently, folks want to name their kids after the Mother of Dragons. Game of Thrones baby names are on the rise, since evidently, in 2012, 146 baby girls in the US were named "Khaleesi"— obviously after the BAMF of a character, Daenerys Targaryen. Twenty-one babies had her actual name — Daenerys — bestowed unto them for the rest of their lives. Perhaps these parents want their kids to grow up and break chains and have dragons?

The funny thing is that more girls were named Khaleesi in the states than they were named Alex or Brandy (maybe Brandi with an i is more popular, or parents are opting for a more formal Alexandra, but still. That's nuts.) Since this data from the Social Security Administration that's surfacing is from 2012, one can only imagine how many more babies are named Khaleesi — or Ygritte, or Cersei, or Tyrion. Just saying, but I would probably not name a baby Cersei. She represents evil and incest, two things I would not want for my baby.)

There are two theories behind this.

One — Game of Throne is so popular that uber fans want to name their kids after their favorite characters.


Two — Have you ever read the book Freakonomics by economist Steven D. Levitt and writer Stephen J. Dubner? There's a fascinating chapter about socio-economic class and the choice of a baby name. Some folks name their kids want they want them to become — ie: Lawyer, Princess, etc. (Unrelated, but interesting nonetheless, someone named her child "Orangejello" — pronounced Orahnjelo.) Perhaps these diehard fans really believe their kids will grow up to be rulers of mythical Kingdoms? Or perhaps some people really, really want a dragon? Pro tip: naming your kid Khaleesi is probably not the best way to go about that one.

Image: HBO