Beyonce’s Beach Pics Prove She Should Be Added To List Of Celebrity Vampires — PHOTOS

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Every now and then there are rumors that certain celebrities are vampires. People have claimed that Pharrell is a vampire because he never appears to age. (He's 41!!!) There were concerns about Kanye West being a vampire when his reflection didn't appear in a Vogue photo. Then there was that whole Nicolas Cage thing — freaky! But I have another celebrity I'd like to add to the mix: Beyoncé Knowles. Beyoncé shared some new vacation photos on her Tumblr and she looks like she is about 17. In the photos Beyoncé isn't wearing makeup which proves that whenever you see her fully made-up, it's so she can look older not younger.

Click through for Beyoncé's gorgeous beach pics and try to remember what you see. I'm thinking in 20 years we're going to see more photos that look exactly the same.

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