How Did Zendaya Get Famous? The MTV Movie Awards Pre-Show Host Is Crazy Talented

Fame isn't terribly hard to achieve when you're a quadruple threat. Zendaya (full-name Zendaya Maree Stoermer Coleman) is hosting the MTV Movie Awards Pre-Show with Teen Wolf's Tyler Posey, but she's also tried her hand at modeling, singing, (Disney-sanctioned) acting, and dancing. Too boot, she is pretty skilled in each of these areas. And if that wasn't enough, she's also darn stylish — because I definitely need one more reason to envy a teenager.

Of course, none of this is overly surprising, as Disney kids tend to be overachievers. They're like the kids in high school who are on three different sports teams, actively participate in student government, and also star in all the drama club's productions. Get a look at Zendaya's extra-curriculars:

She Can Strike a Mean Pose

By the time she turned 13, Zendaya was basically like, "Bo-ring. I wanna be a stah!" She stole and lived out my (former) dream of becoming a teen model, working for Macy's and Old Navy, and it wasn't long before she was bit by the acting bug. Clearly, high school drama club productions were not in her future.

Watch Out, Lizzie McGuire

In 2010, Zendaya was cast as Bella Thorne's lovable BFF on Disney's Shake It Up!, playing a back up dancer on a local Chicago TV show. Pretty much all the acting she's done has been for Disney, and she'll stick with the network for the upcoming series Super Awesome Katy, in which she'll play the titular character. Zendaya described her new character as a "socially awkward" teenage spy to OK! Magazine back in February. It sounds very Penny Proud-meets-Lizzie McGuire-meets-Kim Possible (which makes sense, as she referenced those characters in a tweet announcing Super Awesome Katy). If this show is actually anything like those other Disney shows, I'm totally onboard.

She Can More Than Carry a Tune

As with her acting career, Zendaya's singing career is very much tied to Disney. Most of her releases were promotional singles for Shake It Up!, often beside bestie Bella Thorne, until she released her own self-titled album last fall to mostly positive responses from critics and fans alike. Maybe because her singer-dancer capabilities evoke ideas of a female Usher, which the world has been unknowingly pining for?

She's Got Happy (And Light) Feet

Starring in a show as a backup dancer requires some serious skill, which is why no one was surprised when she joined Dancing With the Stars last year, leading her and partner Val Chmerkovskiy to second place. However, I think the move below startled a few people — it's not every day you see people launch themselves at each other on reality TV.

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