Lolo Jones' Slut Shaming Fail on Rihanna

After yesterday’s announcement that Drake will be hosting this year’s ESPYs, Olympic track and field star Lolo Jones seized the opportunity to take a cheap shot at Rihanna on Twitter — but maybe she should've checked her facts first. Rihanna is, after all, the inventor of the Twitter #clapback, and her fans are ruthless when it comes to defending their Queen. (In case you've been living under a rock lately, Drake and Rih are a thing again.)

Last night, Jones tweeted, “It’s amazing that Drake is hosting the @Espys but it’s gonna be tough for him to hand out all those awards to Rihanna’s ex boyfriends.”

Ah, another classic case of slut shaming. This never gets old! (That’s sarcasm — slut shaming has gotten very, very old. And gray. And withered. And tired. And boring. I could go on.) But maybe Jones should’ve taken a sec to do a quick Google search before sending out her wisecrack to the world. In reality, Rihanna has only dated one professional athlete, baseball player Matt Kemp. The paparazzi follows Rih everywhere — if she had dated like, hundreds of professional athletes, as Jones' tweet seems to suggest, I think we would know by now. It was a nice try, though. Better luck next time, Jonesy.

Rihanna hasn't responded to the diss yet, but she’s no stranger to handling haters on social media. In fact, this is a perfect time to take a look at some of Rih's best responses to Internet slut shaming! Fair warning: most of her responses are extremely explicit.

When Twitter user @DEVILWORSHIPER_ tried to expose Rih's sexual history, tweeting, "#RihannaNavy yall know @rihanna a hoe right? yeah she suck drake dick & eminem dick!!!! ewwww she a big time hoe," she simply responded:

When Twitter user @ayana_shakera claimed to have some serious insider Rih information, tweeting, "@Rihanna's pregnant but had 4 bfs last month #hoefosho," she extended her hand for a virtual shake:

When Twitter user @BreezyTygaDiggy got cute about Rihanna's music videos, tweeting, "Umm...u do know ur boobs r hanging out in like all of ur videos...right? #JustCheckin," she turned the tables:

And finally, when entertainment website Celebuzz came for one of Rih’s outfits, she replied:

Maybe Rihanna hasn't #clapback'd at Jones yet because she knows that her rabid fans are taking care of business for her? Some of the tweets directed at Jones lately are pretty nasty and uncalled for, but there are a couple that poke fun at her Olympic track record that are fairly amusing:

The ultimate takeaway here? Rihanna knows how to handle herself online and her fans are insane. I have a feeling Jones' Twitter mentions will be absolutely FLOODED with Rihanna Navy members for weeks to come. If all Jones was looking for was a little attention, she definitely got it. It just goes to show: people will never let a little thing like the truth stand in the way of some good shade.

Images: hellyeahrihannafenty/tumblr