Drake and Rihanna Seen on Second Date: An Item Crafted in Hip Hop Heaven?

Hold up: Is there something brewing between Drake and Rihanna once more? It appears that the two duet partners were caught on yet another date in London. The Take Care singers were also spotted together at a sushi restaurant in Amsterdam last week and have been sparking rumors that they're more than just a little friendly because they've basically been dinner dating their way around Europe. Drake and Rihanna have dated in the past and the Canadian-born Degrassi star has spoken openly about the bond he has with his former love.

To be fair, the two "friends" are touring in Europe together for the Would You Like A Tour tour (Uh, yes, we would). It isn't so out of the ordinary for two work partners to enjoy a little grub together every now and again, but something about this makes us think that these two may have just reignited the flame. The tour is slated to end the 25th of March, so perhaps the two are just basking in the rest of their time together and are enjoying the different cuisines of each country. It seems plausible, right? Doesn't everyone have romantic European dinners with their ex-significant others? No? Oh, okay.

We're keeping our eye on you two crazy kids.