New 'Neighbors' Clip Raises an Important Point About 'Scandal' — VIDEO

If there's anything you should have taken away from what you've heard about Neighbors so far, it's not to take your children to see this movie. Even before Zac Efron and Seth Rogen had a sex toy fight in the R-Rated trailer, there was nothing particularly family-friendly about the bits and pieces we've seen about the film so far. Neighbors seems to be making a point of being as raunchy as possible in its comedy — and giving Efron as many shirtless scenes as possible — but they've done something so new in the sneak peak released by MTV that it was probably unintentional.

The clip features Rogen, Rose Byrne, and former Friends star Lisa Kudrow facing off over the fraternity. Kudrow plays the Dean of the university, who could not be more unhelpful or apathetic of Rogen and Byrne's concerns.

"The way I do my job is, I'm always thinking about the headlines, right? So, 'Duke Lacrosse Team Rapes Stripper' — bad headline," said Kudrow in the clip. Even when faced with the filthy condom left by the frat that was almost swallowed by their baby, she's still more concerned about the school's public image than anything else. "I got a headline for this: 'Fraternity Practices Safe Sex'. That's a good headline. I could get a raise off that headline.”

The most hilarious part of the clip is how accurate it is. While we hope that universities don't genuinely spend their time thinking about publicity rather than the genuine concerns of their communities, the fact still remains that the most important part of controversies always seems to be how you can spin it into something that at least sounds positive. For every person genuinely interested in helping to resolve it in a way that's best for everyone, there's at least one 'Mean Dean'-esque person just looking to make themselves look good.

That's why Kudrow is no Olivia Pope. She doesn't care about conflict resolution and she certainly doesn't care about the fraternity as anything but a means of bringing more good press to the school. For all of Olivia's flaws and mistakes, she's still a lot better at her job than Kudrow is at hers. Then again, Neighbors is a comedy and Scandal is a drama, so Kudrow would have had some big shoes to fill.

Watch the clip below.