If you've heard the news that Gisele Bündchen and her kind of famous husband Tom Brady just put their Los Angeles home on the market for $50 million (no big deal), then you shouldn't be too surprised to hear that Forbes named Bundchen the world's top-earning model (for the seventh year in a row) (really). However, according to Gisele, being ranked on the Forbes list has warranted some unwanted attention from the IRS.

Forbes states that Bündchen earned $42 million between June 2012 and June 2013, $3 million less than she earned the previous year. Bündchen is claiming not only that the number is inaccurate but also that her place on the list has lead to her being audited by the IRS.

The Brazilian model was at Sao Paolo Fashion Week when she talked about her experience with the IRS and auditing.

"I was audited in the US because of these lists,” she said. “Sincerely, if I’m on top of the rankings or not, I don’t care either way.”

That makes sense. I imagine that when you make anything in the ballpark of $40 million per year, silly little lists don't matter all that much, no.

Despite the (apparently unwanted) attention from Forbes and the IRS, Gisele told Brazilian media that her earnings don't change the fact that she wants the thing that many other women (who aren't world-famous supermodels) want:

I have the same interests day to day as any woman: I want to raise my children and be a good wife and work," Bündchen said (translated from Portugese). "What I value: are my children are educated? Is my husband is happy? Do people feel a positive energy by my side?

Whatever she actually earned last year, Gisele seems to have her priorities straight. But that $42 — or $45 million — probably doesn't hurt.