Why Mila Kunis is Queen of the Universe

Guys, I'm so confused. I know in my heart of hearts that I want to see Jupiter Ascending . Channing Tatum Is Blonde! Mila Kunis looks like a badass! The trailer is so pretty! Kunis is presenting Channing Tatum with the MTV Trailblazer Award this weekend at the MTV Movie Awards and Jupiter Ascending is the first time the two stars will be appearing onscreen together which makes the film even more intriguing to watch. But seriously, what the hell is it about?

The film is directed by the Wachowskis and they are notorious for making the strangest movies ever; think The Matrix series and Cloud Atlas. So it's obvious that Jupiter Ascending will be no different.

After some research and watching the trailer about two hundred times, we've learned that the Jupiter Ascending follows Mila Kunis' Jupiter Jones, a young Russian immigrant who cleans toilets for a living and lives in a future where humans are the lowest on the species totem pole. Jones doesn't realize that she has the same DNA makeup as the Queen of the Universe, which makes her the ultimate threat to the established Queen's throne. Tatum plays Caine, a genetically-engineered bounty hunter who is tasked with killing Jones but surprise, surprise: He ends up falling in love with her and they go on the run... or something.

Jupiter Ascending co-stars Sean Bean as a fellow bounty hunter which almost completely guarantees he will die at some point in the movie as he does in everything else. Eddie Redmayne also stars in the movie, playing the main antagonist who looks pretty obnoxious (in the best way).

Other supporting cast members include Noah's Douglas Booth, About Time's Vanessa Kirby, and 12 Monkeys director Terry Gilliam.

Maybe this Sunday, Kunis and Tatum will do what celebrities usually do at MTV Movie Awards and plug Jupiter Ascending so heavily that we'll finally find out more about this really strange, really beautiful film. Honestly, I'm itching for information.

Images: Blogspot