12 Best & Worst MTV Movie Awards Moments From Grumpy Cat to Seth Rogen's Mom

At this year's MTV Movie Awards, there was Grumpy Cat, dogs in tuxedos, and something called a "Zendaya" — and that was just the pre-show. Sunday night's ceremony may not have been the best in the show's history, but it was certainly the most... creative. If you were too busy watching Game of Thrones or Mad Men to tune in, though (and we wouldn't blame you), don't fear: here are the 12 best and worst moments from the 2014 MTV Movie Awards.

BEST: Conan's 50 Cameos

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Sure, it wasn’t the most original opening to an awards show in the world, but it was fun. Within the first five minutes of the ceremony, host Conan O’Brien enlisted fifty celebrities to make appearances, and the list was certainly varied, to say the least; the stars featured ranged from Taylor Swift to Jack Nicholson to the entire cast of The Big Bang Theory. Say what you want about Conan, but the guy has connections.

BEST/WORST: Grumpy Cat

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There was no real need for Grumpy Cat to attend the MTV Movie Awards, but that doesn’t mean his appearance wasn’t appreciated. From the moment we first saw him sporting Pharrell’s famous hat, we new we were in for a treat — or at least, a new meme to post on Tumblr. The best part came later on, though, when O’Brien pointed out that the cat had a better seat in the audience than Nick Lachey. Ouch.

WORST: Conan O'Brien and Will Arnett's Kissfight

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What was that? Why did it happen? Why did it make us feel so uncomfortable? So many questions, and so few explanations. Only on MTV, guys.

WORST: The Technical Difficulties

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It wouldn’t be an awards show without technical difficulties, but the MTV Movie Awards took it to a whole new level. Between the awkward silences during the pre-show, the teleprompter issues on stage, and Chris Pratt’s handheld microphone, the night had more than its share of problems. The only upside? It gave us this great line, courtesy of Seth “I Saw Your Boobs” MacFarlane: “so far, this is going just like the Oscars.”

WORST: Jonah Hill

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To be fair, Jonah Hill didn’t really do anything to earn a place on the “worst” list except, well, be Jonah Hill, but that’s enough, isn’t it? Accepting his award for Best Comedic Performance, the actor managed to name-drop Leonardo DiCaprio, shout-out a friend named “Fox,” and just be generally irritating. Later, Hill appeared again to present the Trailblazer Award to 22 Jump Street co-star Channing Tatum, and while that time was less annoying, it didn’t mean we were happy to see him return. The only thing more comfortable than watching Hill onstage was that time Conan O’Brien said “dick pic.” Ick.

BEST: Zac Efron Goes Shirtless

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There was never really much speculation over who’d win the Best Shirtless Performance Award, considering that the only nominee actually at the ceremony was the winner, Zac Efron. We’re not complaining, though; watching a fittingly shirtless Efron accept his award was a highlight of the night.

BEST: Rihanna and Eminem Performing "The Monster"

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Even if you’re not a fan of the song, there’s no denying that Rihanna and Eminem’s performance of their hit single, “The Monster,” brought some much needed energy to the show. It was loud, colorful, and exciting, a major, welcome contrast to the rest of the generally dull night.

BEST/WORST: Seth Rogen Kissing His 'Mom'

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The whole bit involving the Neighbors stars kissing random girls in the audience was relatively enjoyable, but things took a turn for the worse when one of those girls turned out to be Seth Rogen’s own mother. Even knowing that the duo were (probably) not related didn’t ease the discomfort of watching them make out. Still, overall, the skit was more funny than awkward.

BEST/WORST: Josh Hutcherson Winning 'Best Male Performance'

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Sure, Peeta’s great, but to have Josh Hutcherson winning Best Male Performance over Leonardo DiCaprio, Chiwetel Ejiofor, Bradley Cooper, and Matthew McConaughey? Something’s not right there. Still, it was great to see the constantly underrated Hutcherson take home an award, even if it’s given out by MTV.

BEST: The Tributes

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Midway through the night, tribute was paid to the late Paul Walker, the Fast and Furious star who died back in November. The salute was short but sweet, a perfect way to honor an actor who’d been a frequent presence at past MTV Movie Awards. Elsewhere, Josh Hutcherson, accepting an award, made a shout-out to his Catching Fire co-star Philip Seymour Hoffman. Both acknowledgments were touching tributes to actors lost far too soon.

BEST: The Movie Clips

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Between The Fault in our Stars clip in the pre-show and the sneak peek at The Amazing Spider-Man during the actual ceremony, the night seemed dedicated to giving viewers’ first looks at some of the most exciting upcoming movies. Thankfully, neither clips disappointed; in fact, if it was possible, our expectations for the two films got even higher. Summer, come soon.

WEIRDEST: Johnny Depp Wearing a Silly Hat to Present 'Catching Fire' With Best Movie Over '12 Years a Slave'

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This doesn’t fit under Best or Worst, just Weirdest. Nothing about this made any sense, but when it’s the MTV Movie Awards, do you really expect anything different?