Seth Rogen's 'Saturday Night Live' Saw A Dip In Ratings, But It Still Hit Number One

Last night's Saturday Night Live certainly wasn't lacking in star power: Guest from James Franco, to Zooey Deschanel, to Taylor Swift all made appearances. Unfortunately, it wasn't to much affect: Seth Rogen's SNL hosting gig saw a ratings decline for the show. Anna Kendrick's dong-rapping last week found itself part of a string of steady ratings for the series. Rogen's dipped lower than the Kendrick/Pharrell team-up, hitting a 2.1 ratings in adults 18-49 as opposed to last week's 2.2. Still, even with the decline Rogen, Rogen's celebrity friends, and musical guest Ed Sheeran still found themselves part of the number one telecast of the night, beating out the rest of the big four networks in the time slot.

Rogen's been a part of the comedy scene for a long while at this point, both in the writing and performing arenas, so he fits in well with the SNL crowd. There are always bound to be low points in the ratings, though, and sometimes you just can't match the amount of people who want to tune in to see whether or not Pharrell's wearing another one of his vertically ambitious hats. And apparently that's more people than were curious beforehand at the possibility of James Franco stopping by.

Image: NBC