Twitter Reacts to 'Game of Thrones'' Epic Spoiler In Its Final Few Minutes

Duh, spoilers to follow. Margaery may not have been very nervous in the hour leading up to her wedding to Joffrey on tonight's Game of Thrones , but Twitter sure was. During the countdown to the second-biggest wedding in GoT history, those with HBOs in working condition took to the site to voice their concerns about the royal event. Yet all the "please, no one better kill anyone we care about" tweets were nothing compared to the posts sent following the wedding, which had a bit more of an, um, celebratory tone: basically, the general gist was something along the lines of "finally, he's dead."

By he, of course, we mean Joffrey, the teenage King of the Seven Kingdoms and the most hated character in all of Game of Thrones. The evil adolescent's long-awaited death on Sunday night's episode made fans happier than if the series' creators had announced that Tyrion, Arya and Hodor were starring in their own spinoff, and they didn't have qualms about telling the world exactly how they felt. Was the celebration of a kid's death, even on TV, sort of sick? Sure. But that doesn't mean it wasn't deserved. Some of the best reactions, below:

and, of course:

Image: HBO