Of Course He Took His Shirt Off

by Kate Ward

It's official: Zac Efron intends on spending the entirety of 2014 shirtless. Of course, he didn't have much of a choice during the 2014 MTV Movie Awards, in which he was nominated for — and won — Best Shirtless Scene for his "work" in That Awkward Moment. Or, should I say, presenter Rita Ora didn't give him much choice, crashing Efron's speech to tear off a conveniently snap-off shirt.

Because, let's be real, that was hardly a moment as spontaneous as the MTV Movie Awards would like you to believe. After all, Efron already promised to go shirtless on his Twitter should he win the "coveted" award. (Wrote the actor, "If I beat Thor- I'm accepting the award shirtless on stage. #movieawards")

Not that anyone's complaining — seconds after Efron literally lost his shirt, Twitter exploded, with thousands of teenage girls and boys "dying" and not even being able to "even."

Thus, I know you're thinking: What's a TV-loving person to do, having missed Efron's moment at the MTV Movie Awards while watching that thing that happened on Game of Thrones ? Well, thanks to People magazine, you're in luck — here's a Vine of the most exciting thing to happen at the MTV Movie Awards thus far: