'X-Men' Sneak Peek Previews New Characters

For everyone who's ready to take a break from Captain America and the rest of the avengers for a while, Marvel's other group of heroes is returning this May. The mutants from the original X-Men trilogy will join both their younger selves and other characters from X-Men: First Class in the upcoming X-Men: Days of Future Past. Ellen Page, who will return as Kitty Pryde, introduced an exclusive clip of X-Men: Days of Future Past at the MTV Movie Awards and it revealed one very important thing: there are going to be a ton of mutants in this movie.

The short clip mainly consisted of running, fighting and a variety of superpowers being shown off so it didn't give away anything major, just that there are going to be even more mutants than we anticipated. Page's character was seen in the clip, along with Shawn Ashmore's Bobby Drake and the new faces. It was already revealed that Peter Dinklage and Evan Peters would be joining the X-Men, but they weren't the new cast members seen in the clip.

The development is both exciting and concerning. More mutants means more awesome powers and action, but how much action can a single movie contain without completely forgoing things like narrative and character development? It seems like there's enough time for each mutant to get 10 minutes, and that's not acceptable. Key characters like Wolverine, Magento and Professor X all need, and will probably get, much more attention. So does that mean everyone else actually gets 5 minutes?

The clip shown at the Movie Awards would've been a great way to pump fans up for Days of Future Past if it didn't remind them of just how crowded the movie if going to be. So if your favorite mutant is going to appear in the movie, don't get too excited—they probably won't be on screen very long.