'Mad Men' Just Gave Neve Campbell and Don Draper a Party of Two

Your eyes do not deceive you. That was 100 percent Neve Campbell on Mad Men . (And yes, she looked incredible)! The Party of Five star played a lonely widower who sits next to Don on the flight back to New York from Los Angeles. The two cozied up a few thousand feet in the air while giving each other bedroom eyes and uttering little lines like, "This is nice... I usually sleep alone." Color us all jealous.

Leave it up to Don to reach out for her and caress her face after she tells him the tragic story of how she lost her husband. The two awake in each other's arms after dozing off where, just moments in, Campbell stated the complete obvious,"If I was your wife, I wouldn't like this." And without missing a beat Don responded, "She knows I'm a terrible husband... I really thought I could do it this time. She doesn't know that much, but she knows." Calling a spade, a spade, eh there Don?

Is Neve Campbell this season's Linda Cardellini? We know she's a New Yorker considering she offered Don a ride and "something to cheer him up" after the flight. This little airborne canoodling session might not be the last we see of Campbell...because Don is a man that does not change. Don'e behavior might not be a surprise, but we can always count on Mad Men to give us something we weren't expecting.

Now let's bask in the glory that is Neve Campbell's cameo and return to our screens:

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