Victoria and Emily Have The Same Grayson Global Photo & These 'Revenge' Characters Have A Lot To Decide

Never has uncapping a Sharpie been more revealing. ABC's Revenge has pulled some crazy, plot-twisting stunts in the past, but the last few minutes of Sunday night's episode took the cake. After a kind of slow Emily and Aiden-heavy episode of the ABC drama last week, the last few minutes of "Allegiance" dropped a major bombshell. Victoria Grayson and Emily Thorne have the SAME PHOTO OF GRAYSON GLOBAL and Victoria's figured out the entire revenge plot. Which is both perfect and also made me say "WTF" at least 10 times when Victoria pulled out that black Sharpie.

So what happens now? In the final moments of the episode, Victoria sat with Pascal in Grayson Manor thinking out loud about how Luke Gilliam's attack wasn't an accident. (He was poisoned by his own toxic chemicals — #karma.) But there's something more: The Grayson matriarch is holding the exact same photo that serves as Emily's hit list, and she's been crossing off her own share of faces. The lioness of the Hamptons has figured something out, too: Emily Thorne's revenge against the Graysons isn't random — she's seeking revenge for David Clarke. At that point, the episode ends and we're left wondering about the look on Victoria's face.

Was it sadness? Was it understanding? Could she end up extending a hand to Emily — since she's still so torn up about Clarke herself? Here's what we know for sure – Victoria has made all of the right moves so far and bringing Gilliam to the Hamptons as a trap to expose Emily's motives worked. Maybe Emily's actually Victoria's daughter — which would be weird – but bare with me here. Victoria obviously has all of the tools at her disposal to take Emily down and end this mess once and for all, but will she?

The Queen of the Hamptons almost broke things off with her rekindled flame Pascal because Conrad told her that he profited off of David's death. Even Conrad alluded to her "one true love" David Clarke during Sunday night's episode, so things are going to get really complicated. Well, unless her next revelation is that Emily is actually Amanda Clarke. But, really, what could Victoria do with that? Apologize for sentencing her father to a lifetime and death in prison with the entire world calling him a terrorist? It'd take a lot more that sorry to convince Emily not to tear their family to shreds — and I think we can all agree on that.

So what should Victoria do? I highly doubt that Emily would trust her, even if she offered up the truth — all she can really do is just step down and let Emily finish what she started. Which is actually a good option, considering she now knows that someone out there will exact the vengeance that she's wanted for David since she and Conrad framed him. If there's one thing we can't doubt about Victoria, it's the fact that she loved David Clarke and that it killed her to sentence him to the type of life and reputation he died with.

Whatever Victoria chooses to do with this new information — step aside or extend a hand of service — we can't deny that just her realizing what Emily's been up to is HUGE. Like, catastrophically huge. And soon enough they'll both have to figure out what to do with that information. This new Revenge just keeps getting better and better.

Image: ABC