Lorde & Judd Apatow's Weekend "Adventures" Prove They're More Similar Than You Think

Chances are, your weekend didn't involve playing to a crowd of thousands or chatting up Eminem, but if you went on Twitter at some point over the past two days, it might've felt like it did. Many celebrities took the time to tweet out their experiences this weekend, whether it was playing a music festival, attending an awards show, or doing something else awesome that we can only imagine. Most of the tweets sent were of the "I'm so honored to be here" or "having so much fun!!" variety, but occasionally, they were a bit more unique; when, for example, Lorde and Apatow tweeted their adventures at Coachella and the MTV Movie Awards, respectively, our jealousy took a backseat to our entertainment.

Judging from their tweets, the two stars have more in common than you'd think. Both Lorde and Apatow used Twitter to express their amazement at being at their respective events, posting about the legends they met and the ridiculousness of their entire nights. Apparently, 17-year-old girls and 46-year-old men aren't so different, after all; Apatow may have been in the business longer, but his dry-humored disbelief over the events of his weekend was strikingly similar to that displayed by Lorde. Some examples:

1. Amazement Over Being There

Reading her tweets, it seems Lorde's whole weekend was epic, even by superstar standards. On Friday, she got the honor of paying tribute to Nirvana at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony, where she sang a fantastic cover of the band's "All Apologies." Clearly, the privilege of getting to do just that doing so was not lost on her:

Friday was just a prelude to Lorde's real weekend adventures, though; a day later, she arrived at Coachella, where she preceded to play to one of the biggest crowds of the afternoon. The next morning, she sent a tweet expressing her general amazement:

As for Apatow, his feeling about being at the MTV Movie Awards were summed up with one tweet:

2. Humblebragging about the People They Know

After performing alongside Joan Jett, St. Vincent, and Kim Order at the induction ceremony, Lorde is now on a first name basis with a bunch of major music legends:

And at Coachella, it seemed Lorde spent the weekend hanging out with every famous person possible — not that we blame her:

Apatow, meanwhile, showed off his famous friends at the MTV Movie Awards, including fellow "handsome man" Zac Efron and a very grumpy cat:

3. A Healthy Dose of Self-Promotion

Neither Lorde or Apatow come off as narcissists, but even the most humble celebrities sometimes resort to a wee bit of self-promotion. Lorde, for instance, wasted no time posting several photos of her Coachella set, as well as a re-tweeted link calling her performance "dazzling." Apatow, at the Awards to support his wife, The Other Woman star Leslie Mann, used Twitter to promote her new film by re-tweeting others:

4. Getting Blown Away By Performances

Lorde may have been the one at Coachella, but both stars experienced their share of musical moments. Lorde, on "friends" Arcade Fire:

Apatow, on seatmate Eminem's performance with Rihanna:

5. Feeling Out of Place

They may seem incredibly different, but one thing always uniting Lorde and Apatow is their shared feeling of being outsiders. The singer, whose biggest song is about being not being Hollywood "normal," has been vocal about her weirdness. This weekend was no different; really, what other celebrity would post this as a thank-you tweet?

Or, for that matter, this photo, afterwards?

And that, right there, is why Lorde is the coolest. Apatow, the man behind outsider-friendly shows Freaks and Geeks and Undeclared, expressed similar sentiments, albeit in slightly different ways:

Moral of the story: whether you're a 17-year-old girl or a 46-year-old man, the feeling of "when did this become my life?" never goes away. Not that we're complaining; as long as Lorde and Apatow continue to tweet about their adventures, we'll be reading. And trying not to be very, very jealous.