Kendall Jenner’s Huge Nose Ring Is More “Coachella” Than These 8 Things

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A Kardashian-Jenner just won the Coachella accessories game. Kendall Jenner wore a giant nose ring with an attached chain (that connects to an earring...?) at Coachella and it is the most Coachella thing that has ever happened. If her future half-brother-in-law Kanye West was to comment on this he would undoubtedly say, "This is the best Coachella accessory OF ALL TIME."

Explaining how something can be "Coachella" isn't easy. I've never seen a giant nose ring with an attached chain photographed at Coachella before and yet, I can look at this and just sense the Coachella-ness. I'm sure anyone familiar with Coachella feels the same way.

Coachella brings out the hippie in people as well as forced, over-the-top accessorizing that would not actually occur in the real world. Jenner's nose ring embodies crazy Coachella dressing and is, in fact, so Coachella that it surpasses other typically Coachella accessories in pure Coachel-osity. Let's take a look at some of the things Jenner's nose ring bested.

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