Who Is 'The Voice's Jake Worthington? 9 Reasons Why He's The Best Contestant On The Show

While NBC's singing competition is usually known more for its judges' antics than its contestants, you should really pay attention to The Voice 's Jake Worthington. The guy is a cowboy if there ever was one. A big belt, big hat, big boot-wearing cowboy. And now that he's the only male country singer left on Team Blake, it's time we take a close, hard look at this southern boy with a heart of gold. He might have the thickest southern accent you've ever heard (it's seriously thick, you guys), but he has the ability to charm the entire audience with just one word (it's usually "Shakira"). And the best part is that he’s not even trying to charm anyone. He's just being himself. Well, isn't that just adorable?

According to NBC, Blake Shelton's protégé is "a true country kid who loves fishing, muddling, and four-wheeling in his free time." (Is he muddling drinks? Does he like to be in a confused state? Does it refer to meddling whilst playing in the mud?). But all of that is just the beginning to why Mr. Country is the best. Check out all of the reasons you should totally fall in love with Worthington:

1. Man, can he sing.


2. He has a perfect cowboy stance.

His hands are almost always in his pockets.

3. He's in love with Shakira.


Jump to 2:35.

4. And Shakira loves him back.

This is probably when he was busy blushing while talking to the Columbian pop princess. During the playoffs, Shakira told Worthington, "The problem is I can’t be objective with you because I love you so much." To which he said back, “That don’t sound bad to me."

5. He's extremely grateful to be on The Voice, and the judges totally love him for it.


Jump to 2:25 for the best Voice speech you will ever hear.

6. And he is ridiculously humble.

7. He likes to sing with his hand over his heart, which is completely endearing.

8. His tweets are as country as they get.

9. He knows how to create chemistry on stage.

Unfortunately, ladies, he's already spoken for.

Until next time, Jake Worthington. Until next time.

Image: Tyler Golden/NBC; Sara Terry/NBC; Twitter/ Jake Worthington