Find Out Who Married Your Boy Band Crush

by Aly Semigran

There was a pop culture wedding that broke a lot of hearts this weekend. No, no, not that Game of Thrones one , this one: Everybodaaaaaay's first or second favorite Backstreet Boy Nick Carter (the other spot goes to Brian Littrell, right?) got married on Saturday, April 12 to his longtime love Lauren Kitt. The couple wed during an intimate beachfront ceremony in Santa Barbara, which was attended by some of Carter's fellow BSB band mates, including A.J. McLean, who described the ceremony as "bittersweet" to People.

But while Backstreet Boys fans already probably know everything there is to know about the 34-year-old pop star (if you ever bought BOP or Teen Beat, that is a certainty), who is the woman that he vowed "I'll Never Break Your Heart" to? (Let's just imagine that all BSB vows are just BSB lyrics, shall we?) Carter's wife is Lauren Kitt, a fitness expert whose video series "Kitt Fit" — which provides workout tips for the health-conscious and has even featured cameos from Carter himself — has made her a face on YouTube and Twitter. According to IMDB, Kitt also played a boot camp instructor on an episode of One Life to Live in 2013.

Kitt, 30, became engaged to Carter last year, is not shy about proclaiming her love for her new husband on the web, either. Kitt referred to Carter as "the love of my life" before her nuptials. (Not to be outdone, Carter referred to Kitt as "my best friend and woman of my dreams.")

It seems Kitt's romance with Carter previously caused some scorn from the Internet, causing her to tweet back in October of 2012, "What's with all the hate? I have done nothing but love and be loved. Please stop the threats, bullying and stalking" with an attached photo of the couple in a kiss.

Come on, let's make nice and sing it all together now:

Images: Twitter