Poll Says Tina Fey Should Have Replaced Letterman, But Maybe Now She Can Replace Colbert

After David Letterman announced his retirement, the world (well, the internet world, at least) launched into a frenzy over who should take his place. In the days the followed, names of potential replacements were thrown out there, but only a week after Letterman's announcement, Stephen Colbert was named as his successor. Generally, people seemed happy about this decision, but now it sounds like Colbert wasn't the unanimous first choice. According to a poll by Keyhole, Tina Fey was the top pick to replace Letterman.

What? How did that happen? Am I the only one who didn't consider Fey for the position? Colbert was named as a possibility from the beginning along with Chelsea Handler, who recently announced she'd be leaving her late night show, and Craig Ferguson, who hosts The Late Late Show which immediately follows Letterman. Fey, on the other hand, does a great job hosting the Golden Globes with Amy Poehler and, of course, was fantastic on SNL's "Weekend Update," but a talk show? Would she be a good fit?

Apparently, 32.7 percent of social media users think so. The Keyhole tracked the hashtag #LettermanReplacements and after looking at a sample of 2,500 tweets, found that Fey beat out other possible replacements by over 20 percent. Poehler and Colbert tied for second with 10.9 percent each with Ellen DeGeneres, Handler, Conan O'Brien, Jon Stewart, Neil Patrick Harris, Jerry Seinfeld, and Ferguson rounding out the top ten.

Obviously, this is all just based on who people like and not on who was actually vying for the position, but now that a Tina Fey talk show has been thrown out there, it's an intriguing idea. KGW News mentioned that maybe this means Fey would be a good choice to take over for Colbert. Hmm... that does seem closer to "Weekend Update" territory. Is this a real possibility? You guys, should we start freaking out about The Fey Report?! Let me know when we should start the movement.