When Will Andi Be Free Of Juan Pablo?

Hey Bachelor Nation, guess what starts in just over a month? The Bachelorette! And with the show starting so soon, it's only right that we start seeing promotional materials with snappy little puns. For the last season of The Bachelor, we got "Juanuary" which was very exciting before we all realized that Juanuary was ten weeks of rude comments and (admittedly entertaining) disappointments. But now it's time for a new bachelorette to take over and E! Online has awesomely released Andi Dorfman's first Bachelorette poster!

On the poster, Andi poses with a rose and the phrase "She's looking for the right Juan" is written next to her except "Juan" is scratched out and "one" is written next to it. Get it?! People dislike Juan Pablo so much that making fun of him is reason enough to tune in for a show — Hey! In fact, that's why we tuned into The Bachelor all season.

Hopefully, this poster means everyone is moving on from Juan Pablo. His name is scratched out and Andi obviously has no remaining interest in him, so this should represent a transfer of power. Andi is in charge now and it'd be ridiculous (but admittedly entertaining) if she went on the show and compared all the new guys to Juan Pablo. "Well, at least he didn't tell me about sleeping with other women. That's a sign of husband material, right?" Andi needs her own puns. "Is they andi-one out there for me?" I'm just brainstorming here! I'm sure the people who came up with Juanuary can do better!

While it'd be great if the show stopped relying on Juan Pablo's conveniently homophonic name, that doesn't mean that Juan Pablo should start keeping out of the goings on of The Bachelorette altogether. If he wants to tweet a randomly capitalized response to his name being used on the poster, that'd be great. If he wants to live tweet the entire season, even better. The ball's in your court, Juanito.

The Bachelorette with Andi Dorfman premieres May 19. Head over to E! Online for more information.

Images: ABC