MTV's 'Faking It' Drops Another Offensive Promo That Will Rile You Up — VIDEO

Would you like your daily dose of offensive stuff now? Because I have some for you. Here's a 15 second promo for MTV's new series Faking It . Don't worry, it's not half as offensive as the full trailer that dropped about a month ago that caused us to be immediately repulsed by the notion of the show. Because let's be real, a show about assuming a gay identity to win cool points is insane. Still, this new clip serves as a reminder that this half-hour sitcom is indeed coming our way.

MTV plans on releasing the pilot 48 hours before its TV premiere on April 22 at 10:30 p.m. on its app, and correspondingly, plans on dropping these "character" promos on the app, as well. Overall, it's a smart utilization of the MTV app to promote the show — and naturally, those who feel a sincere compulsion to watch the show ASAP now have the opportunity to do a lot of eye-rolling before those without the app.

Have I said the word "app" enough yet?

Anyway, this promo here is told from Shane — the resident gay BFF's — point of view. While the promos certainly are driven to pique interest, it's still tough to wrap the mind around the idea that this show chronicles two girls, Karma and Amy, who pretend to be lesbians so that they can become popular. I know, I know — I said that before — but seriously. That's like... straight shaming! Or more critically speaking, it turns lesbianism into something that's sensational, rather than just a part of one's identity and sexuality. The fact that I'm a woman is not sensational. The fact that I am Jewish is not sensational. The fact that I am heterosexual is not sensational. The fact that I can eat an entire jar of peanut butter in one sitting is, but that's why I'm quietly working on a pilot about compulsive peanut butter eaters.*

(*I'm not really. Should I??)

The point is, in a supposedly progressive time, we're taking too many steps backwards. I get it — the idea behind the show is to bring homosexuality into the forefront (c'mon, there are way better ways of doing that) and to demonstrate that it doesn't matter who you are, be yourself, it doesn't matter if you like boys or girls or plants, but there's nothing cool or uncool about a teenager's developing sexuality. What's cool is honesty. Bullshitting will always be uncool.

Anyway — you can check out the short promo below because the show is, indeed, coming:

Image: MTV