Michael Strahan's 'Good Morning America' Welcome Is Sweet in More Ways Than One

Michael Strahan might not be officially starting his new gig on Good Morning America until next week, but he's given us all a taste of what's to come. He stopped by the GMA studio this morning to say hello and was showered in gifts and affections from his new co-workers. His red carpet walk in was preceded by a clip video of his best moments, starting with his baby picture, running through his football career, and ending with select moments from Live! with Kelly and Michael. If GMA got any more excited to see Strahan, they'd cover the logo with his face.

It's not as though we haven't all heard about Strahan's new gig, but watching the GMA hosts and their genuine joy just to see him briefly is great in and of itself. Strahan has proven himself to be a capable host across two (soon to be three) shows, but his chemistry with the other GMA hosts is palpable even in the short clip. Their excitement makes sense. Not only is Strahan a great choice purely on the level of minority representation (Robin Roberts can't do it on her own), but years of pairing Live! with GMA has made the two shows, and all the anchors therein, more or less like a family.

"You and Kelly, the way you all stepped in, especially when Robin was away dealing with her transplant, was so special to all of us," said George Stephanopolous. Strahan and Kelly Ripa filled in for Robin Roberts when she took time away in 2012 to undergo a bone marrow transplant. In return, Strahan thanked GMA for everything they'd done for himself and Ripa. "Robin, you fill in for Kelly when she's not there. It's a family, so we appreciate you guys as well."

The GMA hosts gifted Strahan with an alarm clock to help with his earlier wake-up call, a giant coffee cup for the same reason, and an entire wheelbarrow full of Sour Patch Kids. Unfortunately, Strahan had to leave the wheelbarrow behind and carry as many of the bags as he could in the coffee cup. "I can't fit the wheelbarrow in my car," Strahan jokingly pointed out.

Watch the official announcement below.

Image: ABC