Amy Schumer's Sex Talk with Chelsea Handler Is Actually Pretty Important — VIDEO

Amy Schumer is the realest of real-talkers, and not just on her show Inside Amy Schumer where she takes on those uncomfortable, "thigh-gap" filled conversations like this amazing one in her food-shaming skit. On Monday night on Chelsea Lately, Schumer got REAL candid about sex, dating, and her randy dad. "In New York, I feel like I get auditions to be the romantic lead, but here, they're like, oh, you're the fat neighbor getting gastric bypass," she starts the interview with Chelsea, talking about her temporary move to Los Angeles.

The ladies go on to talk about sex and dating and Schumer launches into the strange oral sex conversation that obviously all of us ladies are having, but that which still makes the dudes uncomfortable. When asked by Handler if she's having a lot of sex in LA, Schumer ponders, "Is it sex if you just, like, push their head down like you're trying to set off dynamite?" It sure is, Amy Schumer, it sure is.

There's still a certain stigma around gals talking about oral sex, because it reminds men that women have sex for pleasure, too, and that sort of subversion of subservience doesn't go over too well. Maybe we're reading too much into it, but it's pretty groundbreaking that two women are openly talking about Getting Theirs, if you will, on late night television, which is why it's such a shame that Chelsea Handler announced that she will be going off the air at the end of the year. We can't imagine Schumer having this conversation with giggly Jimmy Fallon or whatever form Stephen Colbert will take when he replaces Letterman.

Schumer's not shy, and she plays into the role she's given as a "hot mess" (you've seen her subway ads!) But it's a calculated persona, and under the guise of "I'm so crass" she's able to talk about subjects that are still considered off-limits. In the interview, she also delivers this amazing one-liner: "I'm wearing one ring and that's in my body right now."

Watch the interview here: