Gwyneth Paltrow’s Son's 8th Birthday Party Throws Hot Dogs in the Face of Goop Protocol

Ol' Gwynie Paltz just did something that will shock the world and it involves greasy chips and processed meat. Reportedly, Gwyneth Paltrow threw a birthday party for her son Moses on Saturday and let him indulge in activities fitting for an 8-year-old, but surprising if you consider Paltrow's outspoken ideas on healthy eating and her high standards for enjoying life. A source who spoke with Us Weekly gave the lowdown on the party and it sounds more like a normal rich person party rather than a Goop-ified one.

The source says, "Everything took place in the backyard." Sounds right. Continue. "Colorful tables were set up everywhere and hula hoops and balls for the kids to play with." Yep, that sounds like a regular birthday party. There also were said to have been blue ombre balloons in the driveway that spelled out Moses' name, a bouncy house shaped like a pirate ship, and a magician. For party favors, the kids got their names airbrushed onto t-shirts. The ombre balloons sound like a chic touch, but otherwise this all sounds disappointingly standard.

The food choices were similarly surprising. Paltrow had food trucks cater the party which included about 20 of Moses' friends and a few of 9-year-old sister Apple's buddies. Choices included gourmet hot dogs from Dogtown Dogs and Indian food from India Jones. One of the specialty hot dogs was topped with Fritos. Fritos on hot dogs?! What am I supposed to work with here? Where are the seaweed snacks and organic Greek yogurt served in BPA free cups?

Paltrow threw a child's party that had a high chance of involving a kid eating too much junk food and vomming in the bouncy house! I'm impressed. I expect throwing a similar party will be over-explained on Goop in the coming weeks or better yet, in an entertaining guidebook called, It's All Good: Classy Fêtes & Kids Parties That Make You Flush Your Standards Down The Crapper.